Founded in 2015, Genesys Community Development Corporation (GCDC) was created as a Florida-based nonprofit 501c3 organization to address the need for veteran housing for the first time buyers in the very low to moderate income category.

IMG_0329.JPGAs the President of Genesys CDC, I have:

  • Managed over $3.2 million dollars in real estate leased land assets for 8 years
  • Managed the development process of 22 affordable housing units
  • Facilitated first-time home buyers education workshops since 2007
  • Established housing education & rehabilitation partnerships with other non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Anchor Vision Partners, Palatka Housing Authority, City of Winter Park & St. Lucie County
  • 5 years experience as Nonprofit Resource Development Director for the Urban League
  • 11 years experience as a Nonprofit Consultant in Organizational Development
  • 16 years experience in fundraising, grant writing, insurance, consumer & small business lending

We are proud to help families & Veterans take pride in home ownership.

Contact us to learn how we help first time homebuyers achieve the dream of owning a home.